Thanksgiving Six-Pack 2013 $125 ($21 average bottle price)


Above: The pièce de résistance in my Thanksgiving Six-Pack 2013 is “mountain Nebbiolo” from Carema in northern Piedmont where growers still use pergola-trained vineyards. Here’s the post on my 2011 visit there.

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is nearly here. And it’s so true what people say: when you have kids, it seems that time passes so swiftly (family update follows the wine info below).

Here’s my Thanksgiving Six-Pack 2013 offering. As with all my six-packs, the focus is on food friendliness: low alcohol and high acidity, freshness and balance. And as always, it’s designed to follow the progression of the meal, moving from light and easy to heavier body and more nuance and depth.

I’ve included two bottles of the Zanotto Col Fondo: the alcohol is so low in this (at around 11%) and the wine is so tasty that one bottle (for a party of six) is never enough and it’s also such a great wine to drink throughout any meal.

Do Bianchi Thanksgiving Six-Pack 2013

plus tax, shipping & handling
($21 average bottle price)

I regret that I won’t be able to deliver any of the wines this time around. So all orders will be shipped from San Diego on Monday, November 4.


For San Diego residents who wish to pick up the wines, you can come meet me at Jaynes Gastropub where I’ll be pouring my friend Paolo Cantele’s wines from 4-6 p.m., Saturday, November 2.

Zanotto NV Col Fondo (2 bottles)
sparkling white

This is the way Prosecco was made before the Prosecco boom of the 1990s: it’s lees-aged, unfiltered, salty and crunchy, with gentle citrus and white fruit. Gently sparkling, it’s simply one Tracie P and me’s favorite wines and you’ll always find a bottle in our fridge. Here’s the thread of the many posts I’ve written about it.

Struzziero 2011 Greco di Tufo Villa Giulia
still white

This crisp, mineral-driven expression of Greco from the mountains above Naples has been a huge hit at Sotto in Los Angeles where I co-author the wine list. White stone fruit and rocks, elegant and focused.

Caprari NV Lambrusco Secco Colcer
sparkling red

Why genuine Lambrusco like this is not more popular in the U.S., I’ll never understand. Well, actually, I do understand: mass-marketed Lambrusco sullied perceptions of these wonderfully food-friendly, low-alcohol wines in the 1970s. Although I love all the wines in this flight, this is my number-one pick for the Thanksgiving meal because of its versatility at the dinner table. It will pair well with everything from sour cranberry sauce to turkey and rich gravy.

Cascina Corte 2010 Dolcetto di Dogliani Classico
still red

Cascina Corte was making Natural Dolcetto (my mom’s favorite grape, btw) long before Natural wine was hip. I first tasted with them back in the early 2000s and have remained a loyal fan of these gorgeous, approachable expressions of the ultimate winter-food wine from Piedmont. A bench mark for the appellation and the grape variety (imho).

Produttori di Carema 2009 Carema
still red

I visited Carema for the first time in 2011 but I’ve collected the wines for many, many years now and I’ve always been blown away by the value for the quality of this classic, traditional expressions of Nebbiolo. This tiny appellation, which is still farmed using pergola-training, delivers wonderful freshness and dark red fruit set against rich tannins. I simply love, love, love these wines. Click here to read about the vertical tasting the consortium organized for me and some colleagues a few years ago. Stunning, entirely original expressions of the world’s greatest grape (yes, I just said that): Nebbiolo!

In other news…

lila jane baby

Lila Jane turned three months old this week and she’s doing great. She’s so sweet and she smiles and laughs all the time. And she loves being Georgia P’s little sister.

Here’s Tracie P’s three-month letter to her.

Georgia P is also doing great and she’s really grown into her role as a big sister. She didn’t like it at first but now she shares her snacks with Lila Jane (although Lila Jane doesn’t really eat the snacks) and tells her that she loves her and kisses her goodnight before bed.

That’s Georgia P above at one of our favorite restaurants in Austin, Qui. She is such a joy and we have so much fun together.

Of all the great experiences of my life, none has been more rich than being a dad. It took me a little while to get here but I’m so glad that I did. I know now that this was what I was meant to do in life… They fill my heart and soul with so much joy and Tracie P is the greatest mother in the world…

Thanks for reading and happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

If you’re in Southern California next weekend, please come see me and my buddy Paolo Cantele at Sotto in LA on Friday Nov. 1 and Jaynes in San Diego on Saturday Nov. 2!

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