2007 Produttori del Barbaresco (classic) Barbaresco! IT’S HERE!

I am really excited about this month’s offering — the first of 2012. It includes two of our favorite wines — Produttori del Barbaresco classic Barbaresco and Cogno Nascetta — a red and a white that form the cornerstore of our personal cellar in terms of their affordability, drinkability, and collectibility… I am also currently working on my allocation of Produttori del Barbaresco vineyard-designated wines and should have a few cases of Asili, Rabajà, and Montestefano by April.

Super (Affordable) Collectible Piedmont

3 bottles Cogno 2010 Anas-cëtta (white wine from the Nascetta grape)
3 bottles Produttori del Barbaresco 2007 Barbaresco
$194 (average bottle price: $32.38)

not including tax, shipping, and handling
wines will ship Monday Feb. 13

However bizarre the 2007 vintage in Langa, everything I’ve tasted so far from Barbaresco and Barolo has been simply sensational. Here’s what one of my favorite wine writers, Antonio Galloni, had to say about this strange but glorious (imho) vintage:

    The year started off with an unusually warm and dry winter, with virtually no precipitation. Flowers and plants went into bloom nearly a full month early. Growers had never seen conditions such as these. The summer was warm, but evenly so, without noticeable heat spikes. Towards the end of the growing season nighttime temperatures lowered, slowing down the maturation of the grapes, and allowing for the development of the perfume that is such an essential component of fine Nebbiolo. The harvest was earlier than normal, but the growing season started so early in the year that the actual length of the vegetative cycle was actually close to normal if not longer than normal by a few days.

At first kiss, the 2007 classic (as opposed to vineyard-designated) Barbaresco by Produttori del Barbaresco was very generous with its fruit. Arguably the most elegant bottling I’ve ever tasted from the winery that forms the centerpiece of our wine collection, the wine showed stunning balance before quickly closing up, with the muscular tannin dominating the wine in my glass for the rest of the evening (I’ve saved the great part of the wine in the bottle and will revisit it tonight and tomorrow night). If ever there were an expression of Barbaresco “Barolo-esque” in its power, this would be it: there was a delicate menthol note in the mouth that reminded us of some of our favorite “east-side,” “Helvetian” growers.

When we visited the Cogno winery back in 2010, the whole Barbera 7 blogger team was thrilled by the 2001 Nascetta that winemaker Valter Fissore (above) poured for us (the name of this white grape is Nascetta; here’s the story about why Valter calls it Anas-cëtta).

I am always looking for white wines that I can (afford to buy and) age in my cellar (Assyrtiko, anyone?) and from the moment I tasted that nine-year-old bottling, I knew that I was going to begin collecting these wines.

I restated the 2010 Cogno Nascetta in January in Houston and found it even brighter and more mineral driven than the 2009. I love these wines and the only problem is that they are so savory, fresh, and elegant that I have a hard time not drinking them!

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One response to “2007 Produttori del Barbaresco (classic) Barbaresco! IT’S HERE!

  1. Still with amazing acidity, it had freshness, fragrance, fantastic palate length and a classic Barbaresco colour and profile.

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