Thanksgiving offering

Piedmont Thanksgiving Six-Pack

Valli Unite 2010 Bianchino (Cortese)
Vajra 2010 Dolcetto d’Alba
Cavallotto 2008 Dolcetto d’Alba Vigna Scot
Giamello 2007 Barbaresco
Vajra 2006 Barolo Albe
Vajra 2009 Moscato d’Asti (375 ml)

A classic flight of 6 wines for Thanksgiving, arranged in order of body and structure. The Cortese is by Valli Unite, a commune of hippie natural winemakers. The Vajra Dolcetto is mama Judy’s favorite wine. the 2008 single-vineyard Dolcetto by Cavallotto is a richer and more powerfully mineral expression of the grape variety. It’s the ideal Thanksgiving wine, with bright acidity to pair with the wide variety of flavors of the holiday meal and just enough tannic structure to stand up to the dark meat of the turkey. The 2007 Giamello Barbaresco is one of my favorite expressions of Nebbiolo this year. The 06 Barolo will drink beautifully with a little aeration. And the 375ml Moscato is the perfect wine to have around the house when folks stop by and you want something easy, sweet, and low in alcohol. It’s our favorite Moscato d’Asti of all time. Each six-pack is intended for a party of 6 persons.

(average bottle price $23.46)


California Thanksgiving Six-Pack

Donkey & Goat 2010 Untended Chardonnay (3 bottles)
Donkey & Goat 2010 Alexander Valley Carignane (3 bottles)

If you dig Natural wine, this is the funky stuff for you. I was thrilled that I was able to obtain an allocation of Donkey & Goat. Their production is extremely small and wonderfully brilliant. The “untended” Chardonnay is from an abandoned vineyard that the couple have resuscitated. It’s been growing wild for 30 years, I’ve been told. Don’t get this six-pack if you’re afraid of acidity: it’s the winery’s signature and it’s what makes these wines so exciting and it’s what allows them to make them with minimal sulfuring. Great stuff.

(average bottle price $29.69)


Cirò 3-Pack

‘A Vita 2008 Cirò (100% Gaglioppo)

The ‘A Vita winery is a member of Italy’s most rigorous Natural wine association, VinNatur and the wines are grown and vinified chemical- and additive-free. However light in color, this is a tannic wine that will only get better every day that it’s open. I was thrilled when Tracie P and I first tasted this wine back in January and today it’s one of the best sellers on my list at Sotto in Los Angeles. Beautiful fruit, gorgeous pure tannin, and that lip-splitting acidity I’m always looking for. It’s my number-one wine for 2011..

(average bottle price $25)


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