Summer Six-Pack

Elvio Tintero NV Bianco Secco Grangia
(white, gently sparkling)
Ciù Ciù 2010 Pecorino Le Merlettaie
(white, still)
Cantine Federiciane 2010 Penisola Sorrentina Gragnano
(red, gently sparkling)

2 bottles each

$90 for six bottles ($15 average bottle price)


Wines will ship on Monday, July 25. Free delivery for San Diego customers.

I cannot begin to convey how excited I am about this six-pack offering. Ever since Tracie P and I first tasted a bottling by Cantine Federciana a few years ago in New York, I’ve been lobbying to get these amazing and amazingly affordable wines here in Texas.

And I am here to tell you people: THAT DAY HAS HAPPILY ARRIVED!

There’s no one in my world who knows more about Gragnano than Tracie P. Here’s what she has to say about this low-alcohol, gently-sparkling, grapey, refreshing, and lip-smackingly delicious blend of Sciascinoso and Piedirosso grapes grown in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius — the ONLY wine that the Neapolitans drink with pizza.

    I dare you not to like Gragnano (and its sister Lettere). Born in the Sorrentine peninsula, this is an irresistibly spritzy wine made to go with pizza, panuozzi, and all things warm and gooey. Like the self-deprecating comedian, the humility and spontaneity of this wine are its most endearing traits. Just say Sciascinoso and try not to smile.

Btw, Sciasinoso is pronounced SHAH-shee-NOH-zoh. Are you smiling yet?

A cousin to Emilia’s Lambrusco, Gragnano’s versatility makes it an ideal wine for food pairing (I paired it with grilled Mahi Mahi fish tacos last night at Bahia in La Jolla). And with its low alcohol content, bright acidity, gentle fizz, and refreshing fruit (red and wild berry), it is the PERFECT RED WINE FOR SUMMER. I LOVE THIS WINE, PEOPLE. There, I just said it again…

For the first of my Summer Six-Packs, I’ve also included one of our favorite white sparkling wines from Piedmont, the Grangia by Tintero. This blend of Cortese and Favorita (Vermentino) weighs in around 10% alcohol. It’s light and bright and it’s grown not far from the Ligurian coast: it’s one of my favorite pairings for smoked fish (think smoked mackerel from Ensenada) and for California-style sushi (think California roll).

The third wine in the six-pack is a wine considered by many to be the greatest expression of the Pecorino grape, grown in the Marches, in this case in the township of Offida. I tasted the Ciù Ciù (pronounced CHEW CHEW) for the first time earlier this year and was blown away by its gentle spice and ripe fruit flavors and its gorgeous acidity. There’s a lot of mediocre Pecorino going around these days. This is the real deal Pecorino. And it was amazing with the seafood cocktail at Bahia last night.

$90 for six bottles ($15 average bottle price)



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