Venica Six-Pack & Winemaker Dinner with Giampaolo Venica June 22 @ Sotto (Los Angeles)

Above: Tracie P and I had lunch with our good friends Giampaolo and his wife Chiara at the winery in February.

Six-Pack: The Wines of Venica & Venica

Pinot Grigio 2009
Malvasia 2009
Friulano Ronco delle Cime 2009
Sauvignon Ronco delle Mele 2009
Balbium 2009 (two bottles)


$168 (plus tax and shipping)

It almost seems redundant to write descriptions for the wines of the legendary Friulian winery Venica & Venica. They are so well known and loved by collectors of Italian wine that the name speaks for itself.

Since I first met Giampaolo Venica (who now makes his family’s wines) back in September 2010, it didn’t take long for us to become fast friends: like me, he is a fan of Pasolini and he and I share a “humanist” approach to the culture of wine and food.

On June 22, Giampaolo and I will be hosting a winemaker dinner featuring the above wines at Sotto in Los Angeles (see details and reservation information below) and I’ll be delivering and shipping the wines in the above six-pack that week (you can also pick up the six-pack at Sotto, whether or not you chose to attend the dinner).

The six-pack includes 4 of his family’s classic white wines from Friuli and his 100% Magliocco from Calabria. I’ll post and blast notes next week when I’m back Stateside.

And in the meantime, I’ll let the wines speak for themselves. Thanks for reading!

Please join us for a special evening with
winemaker Giampaolo Venica
of Terre di Balbia (Calabria).

“The Land of Balbia”
a wine dinner with winemaker
Giampaolo Venica
Sotto Restaurant
Wednesday, June 22, 2011
7:00 p.m.
five wines, four courses
$120 plus tax and gratuity


please note that reservations are
non-refundable but transferrable

When the celebrated Venica family of Friuli (northeastern Italy) realized that the cool winters of its native land were not suitable for the artisanal olive olive it wished to produce, its patriarch looked southward to Calabria, where some of Italy’s greatest olive oils are raised and pressed. Where there are olive groves, there are vineyards: it didn’t take long for the Venica family to begin raising Magliocco grapes, one of Calabria’s ancient varieties, known for its rich mouthfeel and bright fruit flavors, ideal for intense flavors of Calabrese cuisine. Thus was born Terre di Balbia, “the land of Balbia,” the ancient name of this magical and still untamed region of Italy.

Winemaker Giampaolo Venica will be joining us to discuss his family’s approach to biodynamic farming and its wines, including 4 of his Friulian white wines and his Terre di Balbia “Balbium” (red, 100% Magliocco).

Sotto wine director Jeremy Parzen, Ph.D. will also be on hand to introduce Giampaolo and his family’s truly legendary wines.

Guests will also have the opportunity to purchase the wines on the night of the event through our retail partner Do Bianchi Wine Selections.


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