Produttori del Barbaresco!

Produttori del Barbaresco Offering

Please email me the desired quantities and I will put together a proposal for you.

Wines will be delivered to San Diego residents Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, September 2-4, 2010.

See my note on the 2006 Barbaresco below.

Produttori del Barbaresco 2008 Langhe Nebbiolo $22
Produttori del Barbaresco 2006 Barbaresco $34
Produttori del Barbaresco 2005 Barbaresco Pora $61
Produttori del Barbaresco 2005 Barbaresco Asili $61
Produttori del Barbaresco 2005 Barbaresco Montestefano $61
Produttori del Barbaresco 2004 Barbaresco Pora $61
Produttori del Barbaresco 2004 Barbaresco Asili $61
Produttori del Barbaresco 2004 Barbaresco Montestefano $61
Produttori del Barbaresco 2004 Barbaresco Moccagatta $61
Produttori del Barbaresco 2001 Barbaresco Pora $75

If you follow Do Bianchi Wine Selections or my blog (, you know how much Tracie P and I love the wines of Produttori del Barbaresco.

When people ask me what my favorite wine is, I always answer the same way: it depends on where I am, what I’m eating (no food without wine, no wine without food is my motto), with whom I’m sharing a meal, and the occasion itself. Poolside with friends and family, munching on tacos and hamburgers, I like to drink inexpensive Moscato d’Asti or Lambrusco; for a special occasion dinner with Tracie P, I like to drink old Nebbiolo.

But when people ask me what my favorite winery is, there is no hesitation in my voice when I say unequivocally PRODUTTORI DEL BARBARESCO.

If you don’t know the winery, it’s a unique cooperative founded by a priest in the tiny village of Barbaresco in the 1950s (with origins stretching back to the late nineteenth century). The wines are traditionally made: 100% Nebbiolo, grown by 38 cooperative grower members (you could call this an “artisanal” as opposed to “industrial” cooperative), vinified in cement and stainless-steel vats, and then aged in large Slavonian oak casks.

I’ve put together the above offering based on my personal preferences. Tracie P and I served 2008 Langhe Nebbiolo at our wedding, to give you a sense of how much we love this wine. The 2006 Barbaresco, in my opinion, is a truly unique bottling by the winery: even though the vintage was good-to-excellent, the winery decides not to bottle its single-vineyard-designated wines and so blended all the crus (single vineyards) into the classic blended wine (which is made mostly from its Ovello cru). It’s not that it’s better than other vintages for the classic bottlings, but it is truly unique (see my blog post on the 2006 here). The crus I’ve selected are my personal favorites: Pora, the most approachable and roundest of the crus; Asili, the most elegant and some would say (including Bruno Giacosa) the essence of Barbaresco; and Montestefano, one of the most powerful crus, bordering on Baroloesque in its tannic structure and savory flavors.

Produttori del Barbaresco represents a FANTASTIC cellaring value.

Except for the Langhe Nebbiolo (which is meant to drink right away), these wines can be cellared for 10-20 and even 30 years. Remember the 1971 that Tracie P and I drank in New York in May?

I’ll be sending out more tasting notes, vintage and vineyard notes, over the next week. Deadline for ordering is Friday, August 27.

Thanks for reading!


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4 responses to “Produttori del Barbaresco!

  1. Awesome winery! You’re the 3rd person I’ve heard talk about what a great early-drinking wine the ’08 Langhe is, so I’ll definitely check it out.

    • I saw Gary’s vid post yesterday on Produttori del Barbaresco. HE TOTALLY GETS IT! 🙂 But who’s surprised by that? 😉 thanks for checking it out Jon. We’ll have to drink some together when I come to NYC next…

    • Jon, be careful though, because that 08 Nebbiolo doesn’t taste like a baby Barbaresco. Quite different, maybe even closer to Rhone or Spanish – spice is very evident there. Very different wine. Good, but nothing like their basic Barbaresco. Marchesi di Gresy (another good producer) Nebbiolo Martinenga 2009 is similar IMO.

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