Do Bianchi Wedding Six-Pack

The Do Bianchi Wedding Six-Pack is sold out. Thanks, everyone, for your support of Do Bianchi Wine Selections! 🙂

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Wow, the day is finally arriving… Our wedding! I wish I could share with all of you the sense of joy that I am experiencing right now. The journey of life has certainly had it’s ups and downs (although it’s never been boring). Two years ago, I felt like the singer in one of my favorite Gino Paoli songs, “Cosa farò da grande”: I’m still here, with my questions/I’m still here, what will I do when I grow up? Well, it rhymes in Italian! (Here’s a link to the song.)

Since Tracie B came into my life in August of 2008, things started to come back into focus and I found purpose and meaning in my life again. As a matter of fact, somehow, some way, I found the greatest calling in my life: to love her and to make her happy. And somehow, some way, even in this toughest of years (workwise), I’ve done some of my best work and best writing ever. Moving to Texas turned out to be the smartest thing I’ve ever done: life here is exciting and rich with flavors and aromas, and the Texas spirit really suits me, personally and professionally. I don’t know how it happened. But somehow it did. I guess, in the end, it sometimes is the journey not the destination.

For all of you who have been following the blog, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for accompanying me on this journey — which hasn’t always been easy. The blog has blossomed and brought rewards I could have never imagined (including meeting Tracie B). Thank you, to everyone, for the support and for the kind words and words of encouragement. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

For this first Do Bianchi offering in 2010, we’ve decided to share with you the wines that we will be drinking to celebrate our union. Each wine played a role in our coming together and each wine has a special significance to us. And each wine will be served at our wedding this weekend!

Do Bianchi Wedding Six-Pack

The wines we’ll be drinking at our wedding celebration.

Château Moncontour Cuvée Predilection 2005 Vouvray
(sparkling white, dry)
Suavia 2007 Soave Classico (still white)
Domaine de Terrebrune 2008 Bandol Rosé (dry rosé)
Produttori del Barbaresco 2008 Langhe Nebbiolo (dry red)
Tenuta Il Poggione 2007 Rosso di Montalcino (dry red)
Ca’ del Bosco NV Franciacorta (noble sparkling white)

$150 (plus tax, shipping, and handling if applicable)

N.B.: We’ll try to fulfill as many orders as possible on Friday but some orders will not ship until next week.

As with past offerings, this six-pack makes for a perfect 6-person dinner party and is ordered according to weight at the pace and structure of a festive meal.

Château Moncontour Cuvée Predilection 2005 Vouvray

The first time I came to visit Tracie B in Texas, when I checked into my hotel room, I found a chilled bottle of sparkling wine and a couple of flutes. It was at a wonderful little b&b in her neighborhood. She had followed me up to my room with my suitcase.

“Champagne! How wonderful,” I said.

“It’s not Champagne… It’s Vouvray,” Tracie B corrected me.

Is this a match made in heaven, or what? 😉

(Here’s the post on how we met and came together.)

This is the first wine we ever tasted together and it’s the first wine our guests will taste when they arrive at the ceremony.

It’s Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley made to sparkle using the Champagne method (double-fermented in bottle). It’s yeasty and toasty, with bright acidity and gently biscuit and white fruit flavors. We still drink it all the time!

Suavia 2007 Soave Classico

I visited the Suavia winery last April for work and just completely dig this wine for the pricepoint. It’s got that “tongue-splitting” acidity that Tracie B loves, loads of minerality, and nice apricot fruit. It’s another one of those wines we drink all the time, one of our “house” whites.

Domaine de Terrebrune 2008 Bandol Rosé

Tracie B and I first tasted this wine together in San Francisco last May. The winemaker treated us to a tasting going back to 1978. Both BrooklynGuy and Kermit Lynch highly recommended it us and frankly, it was love at first sight. It’s one of the best rosé wines we’ve tasted in a long time, as good as the much more pricey Tempier (another wine we love). When Kermit came to play with us in November, we all had a good laugh sharing the story of how it came into our lives: it all started with a post I did about eating Tracie B’s nachos and watching American Idol — “Idol and Bandol.”

Produttori del Barbaresco 2008 Langhe Nebbiolo

Produttori del Barbaresco. Need I say more? If you follow Do Bianchi, you know that this is simply one of our favorite wines, a wine that Tracie B and I simply could not live with the wines of Produttori del Barbaresco. They’re earthy and savory, balanced by gentle red fruit and minerality and acidity. The 2008 is much brighter than the 2007 and is ready for drinking now. It’s just such a wonderful red wine and a red wine that we can afford to drink regularly.

Tenuta Il Poggione 2007 Rosso di Montalcino

We wanted to include this wine in the six-pack not just because we love it so much but also because Tenuta Il Poggione will be the first stop on our honeymoon! My friends at the estate have offered to let us stay in the farmhouse for the first two nights of our viaggio di nozze and I can only imagine what vintage of Il Poggione will be drinking on that first night with our bistecca fiorentina at the Trattoria Il Pozzo in “downtown” Sant’Angelo in Colle (population 30).

Ca’ del Bosco NV Franciacorta

As much as Tracie B and I love French wine, it didn’t seem right to close our wedding with something from France. After all, Italy and our love for Italian food, wine, culture, and history is what brought the two of us together. Tracie B and I both love bubbles and as much as we love Champagne, Franciacorta — when it’s good, like this Ca’ del Bosco — is one of our favorite celebration wines. While Champagne can be astringent and challenging in its aromas and flavors, the terroir of Franciacorta gives the noble wines a wonderful freshness, like a grass pasture after it’s rained, and a supple quality in the fruit (think pear and peach) that will end our celebration on a sweet note — well, it won’t end the celebration… it will just end the celebrating will be doing with our guests!

Enjoy! And thanks again for everything…

Do Bianchi Wedding Six-Pack

The wines we’ll be drinking at our wedding celebration.

$150 (plus tax, shipping, and handling if applicable)

N.B.: We’ll try to fulfill as many orders as possible on Friday but some orders will not ship until next week.


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4 responses to “Do Bianchi Wedding Six-Pack

  1. I will drink to yours and Tracie B’s wedding, maybe with Chenin Blanc…..maybe with something else, but will toast you two lovely people.

    I have just re-read the post on how you two met, a TRUE LOVE story.

    I think it is right that you close your wedding with an Italian Wine apt!!

    Have a super day 🙂

  2. Nicole Carter

    I know absolutely zilch about wine…I know, I speak heresy to this page… however, I do know about writing and words and how combing certain words and textures within sentences brings the world around us to life with vivacity…your words make me feel as though I have tried a glass with you such is the diction that brings the flavors to my tongue through my mind. I wish you both much love and happiness! Happy wedding…Happy blogging…Happy life!

  3. tracieb

    aw, thanks girls!!

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