Old Australia Six-Pack

PLEASE NOTE: I’m asking clients to order a minimum of 6 bottles to reduce shipping cost and packing materials. Please feel free to email me to create a custom six-pack with the below wines and other wines I have in stock! 🙂


Above: Seared scallops with greens and yellow tomato coulis vinaigrette paired gorgeously with the 1986 Mt. Pleasant Lovedale Semillon at Jaynes Gastropub on Saturday night.

Mt. Pleasant 1986 Lovedale Semillon 33
Tyrell’s 1995 HVD Semillon 49
Tyrell’s 1996 Vat 1 Semillon 47
Tower Estate 2001 Barossa Shiraz 42
Hardy’s Eileen Hardy 1998 Shiraz 90
Hardy’s Eileen Hardy 1999 Shiraz 90

Total cost: $351
With six-pack discount (15%): $298


This is by far my most ambitious offering and I wouldn’t be putting it out there if I didn’t wholeheartedly believe that these wines were fantastic — and a fantastic value.

I sourced them from a collector and friend in northern California. They were all purchased on release and have been cellared impeccably. There are limited quantities of each.

I have never been a fan of Australian wines but when my friend poured me the 1986 Mt. Pleasant Lovedale Semillon two years ago, I was blown away by how good it was: bright fruit and acidity, 11% alcohol, and seductive nuance as it evolved in my glass. I love drinking old wine and this was just one of those wines that I couldn’t stop talking and thinking about.

On subsequent visits, he began pouring me his older Tyrell’s, also equally seductive. And then came one of the biggest leaps of faith for me: he challenged me to try some old Shiraz and reveal my true thoughts about it. I can’t tell a lie: these big, tannic, gritty wines are fantastic when they have enough age to allow the tannin to mellow and the oak to become an integral part of the wine (not a fragrance it wears on top of its body).

On Saturday night at Jaynes Gastropub, we opened each of these wines and paired the whites with a variety of seafood and then the reds with lamb.

As with any wine drinking or tasting experience, I believe that wine should be served with food and when it comes to old wine, I hate it when people fetishize the wines and serve them like cocktails. These bottlings were fantastic with dinner: the acidity and bright fruit of the whites (all under 12% alcohol) balanced the intense spicy flavors and acidity of the seafood, while the tannin and very present acidity of the reds cut through the fattiness of the lamb chops like a sushi chef’s sharp blade.

And I’ll confess that the night before, when I arrived from Austin, I opened the 1999 Eileen Hardy and John Y and I paired it with a Jaynes burger: DECADENTLY AND ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!


So much big wine comes our way but so little of it has the age to be served properly. This six-pack is a great example of big white and big red wines that are showing at their peak. And the 1986 Mt. Pleasant Lovedale has many years ahead of it (I tasted it for the first time two years ago and it is still showing powerfully).

These are wines that you cannot find on the market and they also make for truly special gifts. Thanks for reading and please feel free to ask me to put together a custom six-pack for you.


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