Thumbs up for Sanguineto Rosso!

sanguineto_rosso_satisfiedThis just in from Do Bianchi friend and client John R in Rancho Santa Fe: “Thanks man. We are thoroughly enjoying this bottle. See you Sunday. Sent from my iPhone.”

Thank YOU, John, and thanks for the photo, snapped at your kitchen table no doubt! I’m so glad you’re enjoying this wine. To my palate, it is one of the few remaining “real” wines made in Montepulciano: Sangiovese Grosso (Prugnolo Gentile) with smaller amounts of Mammolo and Canaiolo, made in a totally traditional and natural style (cement vat fermentation with ambient yeasts, large tartrate-lined oak cask aging, and goose poop in the yard!).

Btw, when John writes, “See you Sunday,” he’s referring to the San Diego Natural Wine Summit on Sunday August 9, where DJ Greyboy will be spinning the tunage and I will be pouring and talking about the wines.

Back to Rosso di Montepulciano by Sanguineto… This dispatch arrived from Valencia, CA the other day from old friend, ex-bandmate, and geologist Stuart M: “Oh dear…you have ruined me. I tried the Rosso on Friday and fell in love…As soon as I poured it and saw the ruby red with a slight tawny tinge I new I was in for something good. So pure and exciting and just a joy to drink. Can the Nobile be any better??”

Sanguineto 2004 Rosso di Montepulciano 29

Click here to order by sending me an email…

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  1. i can’t wait to try the rosso…if the VN is any indication of the quality, we’re in for a treat!

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